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Newbie (In All Manners!) Alert - Question For Streetka Owners


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Hi all, I'm new. I hope this hasn't been asked recently and I'm bringing up an old topic. I couldn't find a way to search the forum.

My name is Jen - I recently bought a lovely black StreetKa after passing my test (first time! Woo!)

Anyway I have had no problems with the car but while I was looking for a StreetKa I noticed 2 common problems cosmetically.

1) The badges going yellow. This isn't a problem - I can replace them.

2) The paintwork on the roof compartment being rubbed away where the roof sits on it... for most of the UK year.

Now I know the summer is ending and I won't have much chance to HAVE the roof down, but yesterday, my first day of owning the car, it was glorious and I got to enjoy the open top. This car is in superb condition for its age, and this is really the only cosmetic damage it has so it's a real shame.

All the (5) StreetKa's I looked at had this semi circle "damage" on them and I wondered - have any of you found a way to return the paintwork to a better condition?

I have bought some black t-cut to fix up the very few scratches that car has, but I'm not confident it will fix this problem.

Details: The white primer undercoat is visable through the sparse black paint in some patches, and other areas are noticibly lighter grey instead of black where the underside of he roof has rubbed. It's not scratched, perfectly smooth, just the vibrations have buffed it off I suppose.

Is there something people do to make it look better or is it just a case of having to live with it?

Thanks in advance :)


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I decided to take a chance.

I figured t-cut wouldn't cut it... pardon the pun, because surely somebody would have done that by now???

But it did. It came out beautifully.

I bought some of the paint form black t-cut and it worked wonders. :)

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