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Brake Pipes, Copper, Front To Compensator Valve

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Hi There,

My van failed its mot on its copper pipes, Now After telling me it was only £5. per meter i removed ALL 4 of the pipes from the rear axle and then removed the two long ones that run from the compensator to the front joints.

I then left them with a "popular" garage in canterbury, to be made up, Now the 2 long ones had to be cut off from the compensator as they were "knackered" one had a large male end and the other was the same as the bleed nipples, at the other end one was female and the other was male, one was on the passenger side and the other on the drivers side,

Now the Hard part, When I returned nearly a week Yes nearly a week later after several calls was told it was £5. per FOOT + Labour + fixings + VAT and they still had not made the two Long pipes up....

£58. for 4 short pipes????? now short on cash and they still got my long pipes, and now the 10 Day window has gone and I get to pay another £55. for a new mot, So you can imagine my comments to the person responsible as I wish I had got their first quote on paper instead of verbally. and so now I will be going somewhere else for my mot in future!

OK Rant over!

I have now found out I can have DIY Kit for less than £35. and have pipe left over.

My question`s Are,

Does Any one Know Which pipes go where? from front to back. Which pipe has the Larger end and is it male or female at the other end?? What will happen if I get it the wrong way round? as I assume that one is pedal pressure and one is return due to the compensator?

Is it ok to re use the end conectors or is new always best?

I have Asked the Ford dealers parts dept and their computor screen does not show a full lay out only the compensator and the master cyclinder.

I know Now that I should have made a note of things,

But any Info would be appriated

Thanks in advance


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