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Whining Steering On Full Lock


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Bit of a strange one here. After having a new engine fitted at the local Ford dealer, my steering has started whining as the steering wheel is turned, becoming increasingly louder as it approaches full lock. If anyone has any ideas as to the nature of the problem, it would be much appreciated. The car is a Mk4 Mondeo 2.5T.


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check they havn't lost any pas fluid when doing the job or trapped a pas pipe restricting the fluid

Thanks for the reply, I was thinking of draining the system and replacing the power steering fluid. Is that an easy job to do myself?

I should also add that the Ford dealer ensured me that this noise was normal which is clearly a load of rubbish as it didn't do it before the new engine was fitted.

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Does sound like cavitation, this is caused by air in the system. In normal operation it will make a noise but when you are in the car you shouldnt be able to hear it. However if you push it onto full lock it will get loud as you will hit the mechanical stop on the steering and this will cause pressure to build up and the pressure relief valve will open to let the excess presure out to prevent damage to the system. Your power steering fluid may just be low, check and top up, then turn lock to lock a time or 3 to bleed the air out, noise should disappear.


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I took my Mondeo to the Ford dealer today. They said that there is a "problem with the steering rack" and a replacement will cost £500 plus £500 labour. Am I being fobbed of?!

The thoughts of anyone with any technical knowledge in this area would be much appreciated.

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