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M.o.t Additions

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as from November 1st 2012 the following items will be added to the mot checklist


Brake fluid warning light

Catalytic converter

Condition of all visible wiring

Condition of battery

Electronic parking break

Electronic stability control

High intensity discharge headlights

Power steering

Seatbelt pre-tensioners

Trailer/caravan electric soickets

Tyre pressure monitoring systems

i think this will lead to more cars failing and land owners with some large bills to sort out electrical systems!

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I've heard that theres still a bit of contraversy regarding the airbag, as some people may have the passanger airbag switched off because of having a child seat in there (most of the time)

On another note the new mot certificates are crap, just a piece of white A4 with pass on it (dont know what a failer looks like lol as I never get one), I know the reason is cos now a days you can check all car details on line, but how longs it going to be before somebody rattles a copy of one of the new style passes in order to con jo blog that the cars got an mot.

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Surly the catalytic converter is checked as part of the mot is the emmission's test? :unsure:

mot is a waste of money if you read the slip it tells you this is not an indication that youre car is roadworthy.................................whats the point then they say safety and to a point i agree but y ou could drive out an mot station get stopped by vosa 2 weeks later and be failed its all money guys they say its for safety if so it would be like spain everything has to work or its a fail even aircon if fitted must work or its a fail

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Surly the catalytic converter is checked as part of the mot is the emmission's test? :unsure:

This is a visual check that the component is fitted.

Some de-cated cars can pass emissions test & thus pass MOT.

From Jan 2012 if de-cated cars pass emissions, it will FAIL MOT because CAT is not Fitted.

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I think it's supposed to have all standard cat's and such on, DPF's and EGR's too, sometimes stealth bypass' or removing 1 of the cat's is missed and such. Not sure how ESP will be checked, but ouch if that goes wrong, but saying that I don't get why as I never have ESP on and I don't have too legally, so not quite sure why that should be a failure... And why should mine be failed when someone elses without ESP isn't? Same with tyre pressure systems... next it'll be parking breaks, then a fail if the cd player doesn't work.

Oh and as for the air bag light, Chevrolet Spark's air bag light is on constantly, wonder how many braindead mechanics will finally realise seeing my mum's Discovery got failed for an ABS light... when it doesn't go off until 10mph...

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