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Rising Oil

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I bought a 1.8 diesel 2006 focus in July after a few weeks I checked the oil and noticed it was much higher than the level so drained some out then after another few weeks did an oil change , from when I had it the warning light kept coming on and took it to a dealer who said I needed a new turbo which was done and had failed due to soot. I got the car home and checked the oil level again and was again higher than the mark? Anyone got any ideas??

Thanks in advance

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Hi Louise

As your car is not creating its own oil the only alternative is that water is seeping in perhaps through a failed cylinder head gasket - although it is usually the other way round with the high pressure oil pushing its way into the coolant. Are you going through coolant? Water will fall to the bottom of the sump with the oil floating on top giving the appearance of an increased oil level. Any discolouration of the oil visible? When water mixes with oil and is "thrashed" about inside the engine it can form an emulsion which is either grey or white. If this is happening then it could result in your turbo failing as this runs at a very high temperature and needs a good supply of uncontaminated oil. And, sorry if I sound harsh, but you do not want your turbo to fail totally. I have a CMax now my previous car being a Megane 1.9 dci. It blew up, literally - the turbo failed and I tried to turn the engine off with no success, the engine raced as it was feeding, now, on the engine oil and after a lapse of 20 seconds I realised I had to staff the engine to stop it. However by that time it was too late and the engine was u/s. So have it checked out by another garage and do not tell them what the previous garage said to you.

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