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Wheel Wobble

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Hi guys a little help is needed please. I have a 1999 ford cougar and it has recently developed what sounds like a wheel wobble, my initial thoughts were that it was from the front wheels but there was no movement on the steering wheel last weekend i drove with the seats down and it would appear that it is from the rear wheels, i did a bit of research and most people were saying try getting the rear wheels balanced so having recently had the front ones balanced i have just swapped them over but not a great deal of difference and surley if the rear ones needed balancing and they are now on the front i would feel it through the steering wheel. so far i have changed the drop links front and rear, had new ball joints on the front, new rear arb bushes, new track rod ends, and tracking done. i am positive that the bearings are ok as there is no movement what so ever and no noise from the rear wheels when jacked up and tested, i do however get a Squeaking noise every now and then when going over bumbs,also the rear brakes bind ever so slightly, with this in mind i am thinking could it possibly be that my brake discs are slightly out of shape causing the noise. any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. One other point i forgot to mention is it has different size tyres on the front and rear dont know if this is normal?

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Different size tyres on front to the rear is not normal. What speeds are you getting this?

When you say it has developed what sounds like a wobble, do you mean you are actually getting a wobble or vibration, or just a noise that sounds like one?

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