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Mondeo 130 Tdci Zetec 02 Plate Injectors..

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Hi all,

I'm new here and I'm hoping some knowledgable types will be able to help with my question/s. I have had this car for the last 9 years and absolutely love the performance, handling e.t.c.

The problem is the injectors. So far I have replaced 3 of the orignal injectors, ( 2 of them twice within less than 20,000 miles ) and just recently replaced the third one a second time. The car still has one injector from manufacture that is working perfectly.

What I suppose I want to know is if I had 3 faulty injectors from manufacture and so far have managed to replace them with other faulty injectors ( surely even I can't be this unlucky ), or this is a well known problem with this engine, and why is one injector still working perfectly when all the others have been replaced twice?

I am considering replacing the car in the next few weeks and would love another, but I don't want to be driving along with the worry of an injector failing always in the back of my mind.

Is this just unlucky or is it a well known issue with the engine and do newer models suffer from the same issue?

Just for arguments sake, is the focus TDCI the same engine, and does it also suffer the injector issue?

Is there a ford diesel model that definitely doesn't suffer these issues?

Thanks in advance,


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Brand new in every case. The first four were direct from Ford, with Ford paying 70% of the cost because I rang them up and complained. All the others were new but not direct from Ford.

Anyone have any input on whether this is a design oversight or I'm just unlucky?

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