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Ka Boot Release


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I have replaced the door wiring looms on both doors of my daughters x reg KA as the central locking wasn't working & also the boot release wasn't working so i thought, the pins on the old looms at the door pillars were goosed & when i replaced them & then replaced the 20a blown fuse both door acuators sprung to life, so i tried the central locking & it worked fine inside with pushing door opener in then outside the car with the key in the door lock,so far so good i thought,

then i tried the boot release switch & it still didn't work, i checked all the other fuses & they are all ok, i locked the car using the central locking with the drivers window down & then pushed the boot release switch & then the boot release worked,

my question, is this how the boot release works on a KA as i have never had this type of car & it seems to be working back to front to me, i would have thought that the boot release should work when the car is unlocked & engine not running & when the central locking is on then its would not allow the boot release to work,

but as it only works when the central locking is on & engine not running is this correct?

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Engine not running is correct (I remember thinking that this was stupid on my Escort. If you have to turn the engine off you might as well use the key to open the boot!).

But the car shouldn't have to be locked for the boot release to work.



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ok thx Roger,

it sounds like boot release is working back to front then as the circuit only has power when the central locking is locked , i have looked at the wiring in the Haynes manual & the power gets to the boot release switch from the central locking door switching so i must have had something in the wrong place when i re-connected the door wiring looms,still not sure whats wrong here!

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