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Drivers Door Lock


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hello all,

have a slight problem with the lock on my little KA, it locks fine but it will not un lock with the key. It is a manual lock. i have taken the door trim off and had a look, and all i can see is a black box. Does any one know how to fix this, is it a new lock ? or is it something i could strip and fix ?


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just done the same thing only my lock was completely seized the black box is an anti tamper shield it forms part of the window runner

to get it of it is held with 2 rivets i think there steel drill them out they are located near the door catch 1 above and 1 below when that is removed you have access to the lock there is a bar going to door keeper and 2 plates that hold the lock in place turn backing plate till you can remove lock slip the bar out to unseize the lock use wd40 soak it hold lock with pair of grips and put key in and work it may take a while depending how bad it is when unseized put it back together make sure you make a note of what posistion you removed lock from door and instead of using steel rivots i used aluminum then just sealed around it with silicone i hope this helps its not hard just fiddley

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