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Obd Diagnostics


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help needed with ford focus 1.8 tddi year 2000 ,cant get into obd system to check for codes been useing a foxwell NT300 but no joy what will connect please help

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the foxwell is obd2 and eobd , altho the car has got the obd 19 pin socket im not getting any joy so just purchased a load of software and laptop which is running xp as most software wont run on windows vista or 7 , i suspect the pump is us but realy would like to have it confirmed before purchaseing one ,i bought the car with the understanding that timeing belt had snapped but when i went to strip off the head relised that the belt had not snapped and that the car had been filled up with petrol instead of diesel so was well pleased thinking easy fix but after draining fuel system with new filter and bleading system still wont start and seems like theres not enuff fuel presure comeing of the injector pipes , i know these pumps are a common fault with them for not being run in properly from new and causeing the shoes and hubs to wear out but it £270 + vat just to get pump tested ??????

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