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Water Leak


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I've got a water leak on my 2000 Ka and need some advice.

Is there any common place where it may leak, I've looked over the whole engine and can't see anything. There is no sign of any water leaking from anywere. The only sign I have of water leaking is the tank emptying and regulary need filling up.

If anyone has any ideas I'd be very grateful. Thanks

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Is there any sign of a maionaise type residue in the oil filler cap? If so the Head Gasket is on its way out.

Otherwise check the thermostat housing for leaks and all the pipes to and from the radiator.

Is the heating working OK?

You could try changing the expension tank cap as if the system looses pressure it will boil the coolant at a lower temperature which may be vapourising.

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There is no sign of any reisdue in the oil filer cap. The heating is working alright but recently its been taking a little while before I get any sort of heat out of it. And the rest i shall look at over the weekend in daylight. Thanks

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