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Dan Cafc Burke

Ford Focus 1999 Central Locking Problems

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I have just brought a ford focus 5dr 1999 the central locking does not work BUT the boot release does. We have no fob for this car, I just want all doors to unlock when I manually use the key in the drivers door, currently putting the key in driver or passengers front door opens that individual door. I have looked in the drivers footwell for the central locking module and have found the Siemens box with one green plug going into it and one blue plug not connected to anything, is this the problem? Also I have changed the infamous fuse. 63 to no avail. Please help me before I go insane, I do not know much about cars so please explain as much as possible. Thanks to you all in advance

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No need to be like that mate.

Not everybody sits at their computer waiting for forum messages to come in.

Patience is a virtue.

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without the fob youre stuck the individual door locking is activated via the fob although putting the key in the lock and openinig then turning to open once more should open all the doors you will need to get a remote fob via this link and programme it to the car once thats done hold any button down ie lock and hold unlock at the same time it will activate all doors to unlock http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-MONDEO-FOCUS-FIESTA-TRANSIT-PUMA-COUGAR-KA-REMOTE-KEY-FOB-/220927484069?pt=UK_Car_Accessories_Safety_Security&hash=item33704de0a5

to programme just do this put the key in the ignition turn from 0-2 four times in 6 seconds youll hear a noise press any button on the remote fob and youll get the noise or the doors will lock switch off ignition and thats it done but without this fob you cant that im aware of programme it youreself.

im not sure what the blue plug is for to be honest

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To do a manual unlock of all doors via the drivers door you turn the key to unlock the car as normal and then turn again in the same direction which should release all doors at the same time.

You are basically simulating a remote 2 phase unlock which is a anti hijack measure.

To lock and then deadlock the car just reverse the procedure.

The blue plug is possibly a link for activating an alarm system.

If there's nothing to plug it into and nothing appears to be missing then it's most likely another one of Fords famous universal looms with redundant connections.

If you only have one key then to add another you need someone with a OBD reader that also hassecurity settings ability.

Mobile locksmiths and decent garages should be able to help.

If you need a spare 3 button key, there are plenty available on eBay but be sure they are the right one for the car, there are various serial numbers out there and not all will be compatible.

If you can get a new one then it will be easier as previously coded ones can be a pain to get working correctly.

I'm assuming as you have a MK1 the key is a tibbe type -



This one should do you just fine, just get the key cut and coded by a locksmith or garage.

Ford will charge a lot more than independents but will insist on supplying a new key and having your car for hours.

Mobile auto locksmiths will come to you and do it in about 20 minutes. (cut, code for PATS2 and code for central locking.

This will then be a second key which give you the option to add more keys at a later date if ever needed, not a cloned key which will not allow the learning phase needed to add extras.

Wth 2 original keys you'd have the option to add a further six keys if necessary.

Hope this is useful.

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Just tried that and it did not work. Does the key have to be a programmed one with a fob??

Not as far as i know.

Double lock/unlock should work from the drivers door.

I'd still recommend a remote key as it saves the risk of snapping your one good key off and then still getting a locksmith to read your lock barrel and cutting a key.

I always have the two original keys safe at home and use a third key.

Much cheaper to replace a spare rather than the original ones.

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sorry to hijack this topic but i have a similar issue and after some information. i too bought a focus and at the time the remote key worked to unlock the drivers door and the boot but no other doors... the drivers side rear door has now started to randomly unlock with the remote too but both the front and back passenger side doors still do not work.

Does anyone have any advise to why this could be happening? i thought it might be the module but now as the rear door is working i dont think this is the case.

Thanks in Advance


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I had a similar issue with mine (the original issue). But mine open all the doors. When I was installing my remote upgrade I found the drivers door switch had issues. To "fix" it I cut the wire to the car unit, Now the key only opens the door it is inserted into, Might be worth checking the green plug and make sure wire (16 I think) is connected,

I wasn't to bothered about the key as I now have a pair of remote fobs to open/lock the doors.

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I've recently bought a Ford Focus 2001 collection and the locking has gone funny. The fob works brilliantly. The key however will now only open the door it's in. and the door locks inside will now only lock individualy. When I bought it the drivers side door lock would lock the whole car. I can't understand why the fob will lock everything but the lock buttons inside will only lock its self

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