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Mk6 Escort Van 55D Sidelight Fuses Help !!!!!

Tony Wright

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hi all im new to this forum i have a mk6 escort van 55d had it now about 3months and all has bin going well :) til 2days ago the sidelight fuse on the drivers side blow resalting in no dash lights or front and rear lights replaced the fuse all is good :) then 5mins later same again but the othereside now :( so looks and the othere fuse has gone so in go's a new one and now just keeps blowing them as soon as the lights are turnd on. so looks at all the bulbs and plugs nothing tryed again 2x new fuses and all seemd ok til i pulled off and pop no dash lights again and radio is asking for code so changed fuses again and they just keep blowing arrrrrrrrrrrr dam thing lol so out comes the fusebox takes that apart and all is ok im lost now and need some help any iders guys plz

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