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Belkin Bluetooth Kit For Aux Port


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I've used all sorts of FM transmitters, and bluetooth kits for use in the car and this Belkin one is the best I've come across yet. I installed it around 3months back and find it great. Just though I'd show it off and show how I've wired it into my car.

The MIC quality isn't the best but its better than a £70 Parrot kit which i had previously before this and people can hear me clearly just you can tell I'm driving. With the parrot kit I also found it VERY hard to hear the person I was on the phone to as the speaker inside it was rubbish, which is why I went for this one as it plays the call through the car Speakers!

I bought the Belkin "CarAudio Connect AUX with Bluetooth" kit off eBay I think it cost me around £25.

It allows you to make calls and play music through your car stereo sending audio to your aux.



Used a cable like this one (3.5mm aux extension cable):


check length as I'm not sure how long mine is.

I already had one of these and the Belkin kit also comes with one but both of mine were short so I plugged mine together, saved me buying one and quality isn't effected.

First I ran a 3.5mm AUX extension cable from the glove box's AUX port:


It runs down into the small gap under the glove box hatch so it can't be seen at all once its closed.

I then ran the cable along the door way and tucked it up inside the panel out of sight:


Then ran the cable under the passenger seat, this is the best i could hide it. But thinking about it you could probably run it the other way. Taking the cable along the center of the car and hiding it under the panel.


Next undo this bolt take it right out of its hole, this will allow movement on the central armrest. it doesn't involve removing the armrest just making it loose so you can feed the cable from the Belkin kit from the storage compartment to the AUX extension cable.


Inside the storage compartment remove all your junk and the lining at the bottom. You will find a hole so that you can feed the AUX cable from the Belkin device down to the AUX extension cable.


(the other cable is my iPhone charger which is plugged into the USB port of the Belkin's 12v plug)

I then just mounted the belkin's button/mic to just under the armrest as you can answer calls, end calls, pause/play song, skip song and use voice command to your bluetooth device, my bluetooth device being my iPhone 3GS. Don't know how well it works with other bluetooth devices mind.


I always have mine plugged in and had no problems with it draining the battery.

Excuse the crap pictures, I blame the camera.

Pair it with your phone and thats it!

All I do now is leave the bluetooth turned on, on my phone or turn it on when i get in my car and press the Belkin device and it connects to my phone usually within a sec or two and beeps to let me know its connected.

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