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Escort X Reg Bushes Gone??

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hi was wondering if anyone could help me i was at the garage today getting a new tyre put on and the tyre fitter told me when he was torquing up the weel nuts that the bushes had gone. he showed me and the wheel was moving back when he was putting pressure on the torque wrench..

is this a hard job to do? i come from a mechanical background but havent done much work on cars just the odd lorry at college.

cheers in advance for any help.

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Did he mean the lower arm bushes?

If so yes its a fairly easy job to do.

2 18mm bolts and nuts (1 is a bit of a sod to get to), and a torque headed bolt with nut.

You will have to get your tracking done after.

Dont bother buying the bushes and re-bushing the arm, buy a whole new arm. Time to price wise it works out very close in price.

You can buy a new pair of arms on eBay for less than £30, BUT you will end up replacing them in 3-6 months time.

I put genuine Ford ones on my RS2000 as they are much better quality, but they cost me £151.00 delivered.

If you can get some you want ROYAL MAIL lower arms, as these were fitted to the Royal Mail vans and again, were much stronger and lasted longer.

I sprayed my lower arms up before i fitted them.


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I bought some aftermarket drivetec ones from a motor factor for a gti escort, didn't last 2 years

Mechanic friend of mine suggested I try poly bushes as they work out about the same price as ford wishbones and people often find they last longer, they also stiffen up the ride some giving a bit better hadling on corners etc

Having done some searches I found (like most things), of people who tried them some love them, some don't rate them

Haven't tried them myself, don't yet know if I will so I'm not recommending them, just letting you about them as an option

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