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Ford Fiesta Car Trouble - Help Please?

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hi all

i drive a ford fiesta LX, R reg and am having some problems. i cant really afford a garage unless im told there is no other option, im hoping its only a minor problem, i will try to be as detailed as i can about it, so here goes :

when i am slowing down at lights, traffic etc and going into a lower gear, the battery sometimes cuts out completely, leaving me having to put the handbrake on and restart - it restarts first time again. I have no idea what is causing this, but obviously i need this sorted as if it happens when im turning into a side road etc, i loose my power steering and could potentially hit another car.

The second problem im having - this may be related to the above problem - is that if ive stopped for a short amount of time, i.e getting petrol etc, and then start the car again, it over rev's a lot of the time. Im not even touching the pedals but you can hear it really over revving, sometimes hitting 3 on the rev counter thing.

the third problem im having is that im noticing that my heating is not getting hot, it will get hot for about 2 seconds and then just blow out cold air again.

Is this something minor, like maybe a good clean up inside needed? or a blockage somewhere?

any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


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Hi, Could be the throttle position sensor causing the stalling / over revving or a stuck idle control valve.

The heating could be a blocked or dirty heater matrix or a knacked pollen filter.

Just possibles of course.

I'm sure others here will be able to make good suggestions to you.

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