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Focus Mk1 1999 Diesel Pump Tddi

Stefan Chesters

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Hi, new to this forum, i was hoping somone would have some information for me. Basically had a lot of problems with the diesel pump.

It had a missfire and cutting out fault, i read lots of forums and came to the conclusion it was the ecu on the pump or wiring..

So i send the ecu off to one of the ecu testing sites that came up on google, to be told there was nothing wrong with it. So i proceed to

change wires i did not need to replace. I then bought a 2nd hand pump and fitted just the pump to the car and used the original ecu.

However this seamed to be okay for a while. Then it started doing it again.

I then decide to replace the whole lot for 2nd hand. Main ECU, chipped key and pump all matched. However when recieving the pump, I

found that the main pulley was not on the pump and there is no keyway on the shaft. Where the hell is the timing mark? anyway i have it

running but its a little on the retarded side i think as its got a lot slower! I dont mind taking it apart for a 3rd time to time it up correctly,

I used all the correct pins and setting bars just would like to know where to time the pump up, dont really want to just guess and advance it :\

Thanks for any help in advance!

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