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Iphone 4 Bluetooth + Sony Dab/cd Stereo


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So I got a new titanium model focus the other day - px'd my old zetec model. Got a 1.6 petrol 2011 focus titanium.

This new one has the sony DAB/CD bluetooth usb etc headunit. Had issues to start with the car not reading the songs etc when streaming but quickly resolved with the USB update (did this 2 days ago). However, when I get in the car I still have to tell my phone to connect to the bluetooth again! Everytime. I can turn the stereo on/off and it will then connect but it should really be seemless.

What I want to know is wether or not it is a known issue or is it just my particular car or phone? They bond fine, everything works - it is just that it will not automitcally pair when the car is turned on. The stereo sits at "Searching...." for the phone, but unless I turn it off and on or tell the phone to connect now it will not do anything.


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I've tried re-bonding, and also factory reset phone to see if that makes a difference. It doesn't. :( The phone is new aswell, so I know theres not a hardware issue with the phone.

Somebody else has to be using an iPhone 4 on ios 5 with the same unit- would love to hear from them about whether or not it works.

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