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Help Needed With Mounting Of The Power Steering Pressure Line Union Nut

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I have a Focus Mk2, one of the first produced in December -04. Now I have a leak between

my PS pressure line and the union nut at the pump site. I removed the old nut

(witch you’re not supposed to be able to remove) with my angel grinder and a lot of patience...(half an hour).

Bought a new nut (3F656-6742740, the same as where fitted from start, 3F656-4747355

is too long and won’t fit) witch I screwed into the pump by touch. I don’t have a torque wrench

at the moment. Then I pushed the pressure pipe into the nut. Bent the bracket back and

fastened the last bolt.

With the accessories belt back on and oil in the reservoir I cranked the start motor

(without the sparkplugs) and a beam of oil came from between the union nut and the

PS pressure line . So the o-ring inside the nut is obviously not dense.

Does any of you have any tips or ideas of what I am doing wrong, what I can do otherwise?

Have any of you done this job and did you do it like this then?



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