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Remote Control Locking


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Any ideas when locking my 2004 cmax with the remote it doesn't look but does unlock, I have 2 remote keys and both are the same also the boot button doesnt work eigher, sometimes if I unlock the car I can relock it with the remote and open the boot but only been able to a couple of times :(

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cant see nothing wrong with the wires also I changed my battery today and still remote not locking but does unlock, also I programmed my key to me mates focus and my key worked fine locked n unlocked, resynced my key back to my car and still not locking only unlocking, but after locking my car with the key I can push the lock button and it relocks it self but as soon as I unlock it it won't lock.

Also discovered today that on the rear passenger door on the edge of the door u have a little white switch that stops the door from being opened from the inside well that has fell out where ever it normally sits as its loose, not sure if this could cause any problems either ??.

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