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Focus 1800Tdci Egr Cleaning

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New to Ford Forums as been the owner of the Laguna 1900dci for a few years, trouble free I must say as it always had regular oil changes and the EGR cleaned as well. Felt the need to 'upgrade' to the 2008 Focus Titanium as it just looked so much better.

My question is: it looks like a major job getting to the EGR valve on the Focus 1800tdci, so can you clean by spraying EGR cleaner into the inlet without causing damage? Also if you remove the casing on the top, do the vane type things pull out to give some access?

Many thanks,


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Have a look at this:

go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DhYk3Mm8HQ

(removed http to avoid media tags)

dunno if its much use to you but they're spraying clearer into it but it doesn't seem a good option check out the comments.

one says:

Sorry, but I wouldn't let them within a mile of my car, the only way to properly clean egr is to remove the inlet manifold and intercooler, and relevant hoses, as these are also full of carbon and oil, wash out all these thoroughly with carbon remover or petrol make sure all are completey dry or egr will dirty again in no time. This guy very nearly over combusted the engine, could have blown the gaskets and seals.
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