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Aux Belt Tensioner Replacement

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Hi all.

I am looking for some advice on replacing the Aux belt tensioner on my 1998 Escort 1.8L Petrol. The pulley has separated from the body with no sign of damage, so I'm assuming that it has somehow unthreaded itself.

Do you know if I can just replace the pulley with one from a scrapper, or do I have to do the whole unit?

If I have to replace the whole thing, how can I remove it. I have searched the internet and every example shows bolts to be removed.

I can't see any bolts on mine! Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.



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Update: I found the solution. There is a single 13mm bolt behind the tensioner. A bit awkward to reach, but a socket on a long extension, over the exhaust downpipe did it.

Quoted 74.00 for a new one, so off to the scrappy tomorrow.

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