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Rattle From Front When Cold?

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Hi guys, so am new to the forum. so firstly "hello!"

secondly i have 52 plate KA and when i first start it up and drive for first 5 mins or so turning, mainly left, there is a loud rattle noise coming from the passengers side front wheel. any ideas before i start taking it to bits!! its not long had its strut mount on the suspension done any other ideas? thanks guys!

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i would take it back to the garage you had the front strut done

see what they say as they may know the problem then do the job yourself

if it's their work that's wrong then they should put it right

otherwise it sounds like it maybe roll bar rubbers or lower suspension(wishbone) or

track rod end or if mainly over rough ground the drop link.

i would remove the front wheel ^ have a good look to makesure nothing is loose or worn

if the original work was not carried out by a garage

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it maybe the top strut mount not seated properly ?

when you turn left then all the weight moves to the off sude so hardly any on the new mount so

i would say it's not fitted properly

there are notches on the rubber of the top mount that's got to be seated correctly or

you may get a knocking noise

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