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Strange Rasp/rattle?

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Hi all

I have a strange rasp/rattle noise from my car. The weird thing about it is that this noise only occurs at 2000revs exactly, and goes away again as soon as I pass 2000revs. It also doesn't seem to happen when the car is cold, just when it warms up.

I have been advised that it might be a heatshield has come loose. I have checked and the back box shield does have a screw/nut missing meaning its free a bit, but I'm unsure if this is the problem - why would it only happen at exactly 2000revs if that were the case?!

If anyone can offer any help I'd be grateful. The car is a 1.7 Puma by the way.


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2000 revs is probably the exact resonance of the heat shield.

Happens when warm as everything expands a bit and tolerances change.

Tighten it up and all should be fine.

Some garages just remove them completely.

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