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2001 Ka - Very Noisy Power Steering


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I just purchased a 2001 Ka (with A/C and power steering).

It has only 70.000 (real) km, but the power steering pump is REALLY noisy. It whines really bad, it sounds like i'm driving an old Citroen 2CV, if you remember that noise!

It's not vibrating badly or clicking (yet) and it still provides steering help (soit's not completely gone...) It's just noisy.

Some Ford mechanic heard it in a parking lot and said it's pretty common, and told me to check the P/S fluid. I checked, but the fluid level was just fine.

For some reason, I noticed that the oil had WATER in it, and the smell and consistence were not good at all. It was BLUISH and watery!

I suspect that someone mistakenly put WATER in it, maybe mistook the P/S reservoir for the windshield water reservoir, fu**ng the whole system!

So i flushed the system, put new oil in it (correct A/T Dext/Merc fluid) hoping it would get better, but it still whines. I think it got even louder now, with new oil!

Is there a way to lubricate/recondition/fix the pump WITHOUT changing it? In your opinion and experience, is it going to get worse or is dangerous?


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