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fiesta headlights not go off


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Hi guys,

have a real weird one here. A while back I remember getting out of the car switching lights off locking up and walking away then as I looked back I saw the lights were on! I went back in turned them on and off, ignition on off etc to no avail. So I went into work took coat off went back out and they were off. I did some investigating then found out about home safe lights so assumed it was that - how wrong could I be!

Now a few times after switching lights off (I hardly ever use auto lights) getting out car and going inside I have walked out and found headlights have switched themselves on. Nothing to do with me switching homesafe on either. I then assumed must be dodgy relay as the contacts were obviously switching and turning lights on despite car being locked up and not be driven for a few hours. I replaced the relay underneath glovebox for headlights - top row 2nd on right. Assumed all ok but it just did it again after a week went outside and lights were on yet we hadn't be in car for two hours and light switch def off. I popped the relay out and pushed in and obv went off.

Any ideas - all fuses look ok, could it be the homesafe thingy kicking in as its obvious lights won't go on with ignition off and homesafe feature obv has direct power to the lights itself. So can't be the switch, surely not a bad grounding as lights work fine off and on all day, seems like homesafe is kicking in. Is there a fuse or way of switching the homesafe thing off altogether as it sounds like that to me. Also if you do try and switch homesafe on/off and watch the display say homesafe on/off when there is this problem the lights won't go off anyway almost like homesafe relay? is staying on - is there a relay?

UPDATE: Now been out and came back headlights not go off at all when switch is off - have to pop the relay out then back in again but now i don't trust it to stay off so left relay out! seems like something is holding contacts closed once switched on. is there another relay for the light switch, the circular switch i mean on dash?

Cheers guys


p.s. Fiesta 07

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