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Ford Nx Map Update Help.

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Have a Ford nx stanav , just got the latest 2012 map dvd from tom tom , just wanted to know how I go about taking the old disc out and putting the dvd disc in.

Is there anything I should be aware of?


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Obviously, you have to eject the old DVD first ...

Pull off the volume knob, and then (carefully) the DVD slot cover under it. For me it works best to push on one side until the opposite pops out, so I can get a fingernail under it and pull. To eject, you have to go to the dealer menu (press NAV and MENU simultanously), and select EJECT DVD - you'll be prompted for the security PIN. Insert the new DVD, agree to the update if prompted, and reassemble - take care to insert the spring on the back of the cover correctly. There may be videos of the procedure on Youtube ...

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thanks , it was easy once I knew to take the volume knob off and access the secret menu , at first the volume knob felt like it didn't want to come off ,that's what made me doubt what I was doing as the guy on youtube takes it off with ease but I suppose once its off its easier the next time.


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Hi, you mentioned it being £169?

it should actually be cheaper than that it seems.

Ford NX - Europe - Turkey 2012 + Major Roads of South East Europe


£126.00 incl. VAT


But I agree, Ford's markup is herrendous :(

as you say its over £350, and seeming these disks are supposed to be changed every year its rediculas.

I use my built in Sat Nav for visiting customers, as im self employed, and my maps are out of date and im finding I put in post codes and its not even recognising them or taking me to the wrong place.. because of road layout changes and new build developments.

They seem to mark up everything, that should be available from the manufacturer... I just ordered a wheel locking nut key as well, waited over 2 months so far and it has not arrived.. then today I found out I can order the same thing cheaper from the manufacturers website with only a 2-3 delivery estimate.

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yeah it seems tomtom adjusted the mark up price , I just sent you a PM!

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