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Retrofit Bluetooth / Voice Control.


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Thought i'd post this up in case anyone wants to do it.........i have sucessfully installed bt & voice control using the patch loom designed for the Fiesta. My vehicle, S Max ( 2007 LX ) is not prewired for this, so i thought i'd try the patch loom and it works.....part numbers required are,,,,,,

module part number 7S7T 19G488 - AE

patch loom finis no. 1429802

microphone finis no. 1363463

Stalk with bt/vc finis no. 1740611

Only thing you need to modifiy is to extend the mic. wire by about 18".

The patch loom is able to tuck away nicely under the head unit , while the bluetooth module wire is routed into the passenger footwell and the mic wire to the drivers side, over pedals and steering column and up the pillar behind the trim.........

Takes an hour and that's it.........

Activating via IDS is required of course, but can be done before or after.....i had it activated a few weeks ago ready for when i bought the parts.

I have a Sony mp3 head unit installed and one thing to remember is that the software revision of your unit must begin in 05- xx- xx. Those starting in 04-xx-xx will not work......(check it by turning on unit and press 1&6 together)

I'll answer any questions as they come, just thought i'd pop it up for the minute.

Hope this helps.........Richie.



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Old news - covered here back in 2008....


Thought ' How To' guides were only for paid members on that forum, which i am, so i thought i 'd post up my experience here where its free......just trying to help others out.......making them aware that the patch loom works for vehicles not prewired for BT..


Had mine activated at an independent garage, along with cruise control, autolights and wipers + PCM and all module reflash for € 80 all in. Half hour and everything was done.......

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Hi Richie, I'm lookin at retro fitting bluetooth into my 2008 focus titanium. I have the Sony mp3 head unit already. How do I know what USB module I need? I'm looking on eBay but there seems to be different serial numbers on them? Do I need a perticular one to match my car? And how would I know if the wiring loom is already in my car?

Thanks mate

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I have a 2007 57 plate titanium that i can't get the bluetooth module to be recognised in.

I have put a firmware version 05-04-02 sony 6cd changer head unit in, i have connected my 19c112-am bluetooth module to the connector yet when i press the phone button on the head unit it just mutes the audio and doesn't even know the BT unit is there.

Is this due to the wiring loom? I even tried slaving in my mondeo system that works in full in my 09 mondeo (the BT unit and head unit) and it didn't work in the Smax either.


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Does your phone find the bluetooth when you search for it?

Pressing the phone button will mute the sound - that's what it's designed to do -what did you expect to see happen when you pressed it?

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no i meant the button that says Phone on it not the phone icon button and pressing this "Phone" worded button on my mondeo or other facelift Smax puts it into the phone menu on screen

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So i have a 57 plate titanium which did have the wiring loom but didn't work with the sony head unit and AN bt unit combo so put in a fiesta loom (proved to work elsewhere) and i now have the bt unit and head unit working together i.e seeing my phone, phonebook, songs over bt streaming (as managed to update the firmware too) yet i get no bt unit sound whether it be bt streaming or iPod connected via usb.

I am pretty sure it's to do with the jumper cable thing. I tried the Maplins jumper pins on that connector in the config in the pic and as described and made no difference. Is this because i haven't connected up the mic yet (gotta extend the cable) or because i need a different config in the jumper cable?!

Please help!


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Stick a post up on the Smax owners club forum - there's a few guys on there who are electronics specialists and know about retrofitting these units.

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