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The Dreaded 'usb' Topic...

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Hello Folks,

Sorry to bring up USB again but,

I have being doing a bit of research on the subject, and from what iv read, would i be right in sayng that if i bought a Sony DAB stereo, and if i fitted a Ford bluetooth/VC module [that i could connect a USB lead to] i would be able to play music from a USB stick? I quite fancy having the handsfree working in the car too...


If i bought one of the Sat-Nav units, are you able to take a USB lead direct from the back of that to the glovebox/centre console, or does that need to go via the Buetooth/VC module aswell? This is the more expensive option because although the units are +/- the same price on Ebay, i cant reall afford to 'learn from my mistakes' when it comes to fitting etc..

One last one, would this [http://www.xcarlink.co.uk/product.php?productid=66&cat=19&page=1] work with the Sony DAB unit, it says on the site that it works with the ordinary 6000CD unit, so why not the Sony unit?!

I'm asking this becuase i really want to be-able to play USB in my car, but im not that experienced in DIY and like everyone else just now, i have lmited £££...

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if all you want to do is play USB... have a look here! http://www.ford-musicbox.eu/documents/UserManual%20MBX01.pdf

or here http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/29569-guide-to-installing-the-ford-usb-music-box/

Ford FINIS number: 1746768

Hope that helps....

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Aye cheers for the links, i think i'll definitely consider the music box...can you order it straight from the dealer?

I think i still fancy etting a 'posher' head unit though...

Thanks again,

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Yeah, straight from the dealer, its offered as a dealer retro fit now. But i fitted myself.

I looked into a new headunit, but decided as i had the voice control, bluetooth etc already it wasnt worth it. The unit cost me about £80.

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