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Fiesta Mk6 2004 1.4 - Juddering,misfire,loss Of Power

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To start - i have a Ford Fiesta MK6 2004 Zetec, 1.4 50,000 Miles Duratec Engine. Owned for about 6 years and service every 10,000 miles or so. Last seviced about 6 weeks ago, Full Major service.

Cars been running fine, since latest service. Todays journey 10miles was fine to town, then on re-entering my car, a mile later there was a slight loss of power, in 2nd and 3rd gear carwould struggle to pick up any speed, especially at low revs. Engine management light was flashin as i limped home, another 3 miles, by this time Engine light is fixed on. Turnt the engine off for a few mins and back on again, seems the engine is kind of rocking, and so is the exhaust shaking on tick over.

Car starts 1st time everytime even now, just seems very juddery and shaky. Not sure whats happend in hte last few hours to cause this. There has been alot of rain today and yesterday, but im unsure if thats causing the issue or not.

Not sure where to start at the moment. So it be a great hel to use your experiences to help get to some cause of conclusion :)

Thanks for your time.

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Ok, so not much response on this topic.

I managed to do abit of diagnostics.

Checked plugs, all set fine, alittle rusty in the plug well, but I think this is a common issur relating to water seeping through washer jets onto the engine body and into the wells. Over all though was dry in this area.

Seems plug 2 wasn't firing at all (2nd in from the coil pack) ht lead was fine but that cyclinder did not effect the engine running with no ht lead present. I put it down to faulty coil pack.

Have replaced the coil pack, and all seems to be firing and smooth again. Aslo sealed the washer jets with bathroom silicone, to stop water getting in in future.

May have been water that killed the pack or maybe was just its time to go?!

Anyone know how to remove my engine light? This is still on but car seems to run ok now.

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