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Ford Escort Van TD


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I originally had a 1998 1800cc Diesel and had a 1.8 turbo diesel fitted 18 months ago, now i have a smoke problem. Every time i rev it up i get black smoke coming out the exhaust.

I have since had a new exhaust fitted but the problem remains. :angry:

Some peole have said that you cant fit a turbo diesel into a standard diesel ~ does anyone know if any wiring would have had to be changed? <_< He changed the driveshafts as they were a different size.

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The only bit of wiring that has to be changed is a wire for the starter motor.

The smoke problem is more than likely to be your fuel pump.

I had the conversion done myself and a mate set the fuel pump up as it was putting out black smoke when you put your foot down.

After he set it up properly it went better and ran very clean.

People who say you cant do this conversion are obviously not car savvy at all as this is the easiest conversion i have ever done. And my van ran for ages with no troubles.

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