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Ford Mondeo Estate Titanium X 2.2Tdci Rear Brakes / Suspension

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Hi! I need to renew the rear shocks on my Mondeo estate 55 plate. I have also been told that the rear discs and pads are 75% worn. Seems to me that I may as well change the whole lot in one go. Selected Bilstein B4 for the shocks and generic least cost discs and pads... does this make sense?

I think that I need to remove the wheel arch liners to access the top mount of the shocks... haven't looked yet but is this right?

Also, I've been told that I need a windback tool for the calipers so does anyone know whether I need a left hand or right hand tool?

Anything I need to look out for in doing these jobs?

Grateful for all advice received.

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You will need both, a left and right rewind tool are required. I think it's the drivers side that's a left hand rewind. Also a general inspection of all the brake components and make sure the hand brake cables are not sticking would be advisable.

Tbh, I wouldn't go for the 'cheapest' discs and pads for the sake of it - stick to a well known make. Remember you get 25% off at euro car parts through the forum if you order online for delivery or pickup. Unless they have any better deals on the site of course.

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