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Anyone Able To Id This Navigation Model?


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Anyone know which model ford navigation system this is please (picture attached)? Sorry all the information I have!

Reason for wanting to know is....a friend is looking to buy a used mondeo 60 plate with this system already fitted and as he always removes head units and fits his own kenwood dvd/navi system he said I can have this mondeo unit to install in my focus, just wanted to check first to see if this is possible with my vehicle? I have a mk2.5 (08 plate) with the factory fitted sony single disc mp3/aux (non bluetooth & non usb) system in it but thought this would be a decent upgrade if compatible. Hopefully just a case of plug & play and will be compatible with current ford steering wheel remote – also not sure if this navi system has a usb port for an ipod? - any advice appreciated.


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This unit (Travelpilot FX) will fit in your Focus with only small limitations (the button and display dimming from the light switch will not work). USB and bluetooth require a separate unit (as with the Sony), there's probably tons of threads on retrofitting that (BVC or Sound & Connect).

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