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Drivers Door Electrical Issues.


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My misses has had her 2001 ka for a year now and its not really missed a beat.

Over a period of proberbly a few months the electric windows (mainly drivers side) got slower and slower, then eventually stopped working all together, the passenger side has now done the same.

Also on the drivers side (I dont know if these issues may be related??) the speaker has stopped working, so too has the boot release button.

Im no expert at electrical stuff, so ideas would be appreciated. Could it be a dodgey connection in the drivers door?


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Had a quick play whilst on a short drive with her today. The passenger side window works, but sometimes you have to press the button several times for it to go up/down. This kinda makes me think the same as above, as if it was shorting, whilst driving along it could be jolting about allowing it to short then not, am I right in thinking that would cause it to work/not work on and off?

I havnt had a chance today to check the loom as its not stopped raining!

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Had a play, managed to get the passenger side working fine again (re insulated one of the wires that had cracked)

On the drivers side one of the wires had prety much completley snapped, and the ends were very corroded. (Black wire... Earth? From what I could figure it came from the elec window switch)

Anyway, I spliced a new bit of wire in and still no luck, Could it just be the motor? If so is there any way of confirming this?


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Can get hold of one thats not a problem.

Another thaught though, you cant operate the passenger side window with the switch thats on the drivers door... however it works when using the one on the passenger door.

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