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Heater And Stereo Not Working!


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Hi guys this is driving me mad!

The blower in my car is for some reason only blowing cold air now, but the feeder pipes behind the dash in the bonnet are hot!

I've taken the facia off and all three dials are working as they should so where could the problem be? A fuse maybe, but which one or a relay?

Plus i took a perfectly good stereo out which was working fine and put in a new one and that one didn't work. On putting the old one back in that don't work either now, good day all round lol. Again is it a fuse and if so which one or maybe a relay?

Please help me if you can. My car is a 1999 Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec, T reg.......

Hope someone can shed some light, I'm going very grey here!!!

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Sounds like the Heater Control Valve really common fault on Fiestas,Pumas and Kas it's located just behind the bulkhead. Use a genuine Ford one as cheap ones last about a week!

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