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My Boot Button Wont Open My Boot

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Hi everyone, I have a 1996 1.3 ford fiesta.

Just above my gear stick i have a boot button which when pressed should open the boot but it doesn't, if you press the button you can hear a mechanical noise which sounds like the boot catch has been released but then the same sound happens seconds after. I do not have the boot button on my key fob so everytime somebody needs to put an item in or out of my boot it involves me getting out the car and opening the boot with my key which is becoming a pain and isnt the most convienent.

Im not sure what the problem is and because im a student i dont have the money to take it to a garage and have them proe around for hours finding out what the poblem may be, so if any can help me it would be greatly appreicated.

Also on a seperate matter i gave my car a real good clean a couple of days ago and in the boot i removed the flooring (carpet material) and found a lead/wire that wasnt plugged into anything and as i couldnt see anything for it to be plugged into i thought it was just there for no aparent reason, i checked all my lights and back windscreen washer and all still worked. I then found what it should be plugged into but i dont have a clue what it is or does as all my lights still worked.

What its supposed to be plugged into looks like a small speaker and is located on the right hand side of the boot and at the rear of the boot (nearest the number plate side) in a small circle gap, there is a gap the other side but it is empty and the wire and speaker type thing isnt there.

Does anybody have any ides what this is and what its use is. as its driving me mad not knowing and as i found it unplugged im unsure whether its ment to be plugged in or not.



P.S I apologise if anything is spelt wrong or doesn't make sense but im a woman whos knowledge of cars is very small.

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