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Engine Fan Staying On When Driving

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I have a ford mondeo 1.8. Mk2 year 2001 and for about a week now the engine fan comes on within 5 mins of driving and stays on until I turn the car of can anybody help me as its driving me up the wall thanks

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On other makes of car this happens when it defaults to 'emergency mode' usually when the coolant level it below the lowest safe level. Not sure if it happens with Mondeos, better worth a check though if you havent already. Also i'd check the thermostat. Check all wires to sensor connections.

Also is the AC on ? This is sometimes the normal thing if the AC is running. (dont own Mondeo so i dont know) Maybe if its on low its not being noticed.

Do you have access to a handheld engine scan sensor, to plug in and see if any errors are flagging ?

Sorry for trotting out the obvious things first, but belive me we all sometimes miss checking them

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