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Tightening Handbreak

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I've had my focus over a year now and noticed the handbrake now needs pulling up a lot more. when I first got the car was just one or two clicks now takes around five or so.

I plan to service the car on the bank holiday weekend myself with my dad's help just wondering what the best way is to do this.

My old fiesta I took off the handbrake cover and tightened it on the cable but a garage then told me I should of adjusted the drums instead.

what's the best way to do this on my focus?

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the garage are correct.

the handbrake is self adjusting so should feel consistant as it wears.. usually doesn't work like this though

you will need to slacken the cables, remove the drums and give the shoes and mechanism a good clean up, check for wear and any seized parts. dont be suprised if there is

reset the adjusters and replace the drums.

use the foot brake to centre the shoes, make sure they spin freely then finger tighten the handbrake screw - making sure the drums still spin freely and are releasing fully after applying the footbrake and more importantly the handbrake.

this has always been how ive tackled drums and never had any issues.

strip one side at a time and if necessary take some photos of how bits go.

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