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! Guide ! Upgrading The Interior Light


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This guide shows how to fit the upgraded interior light with map lights and submarine lights (and all without an IDS session),

The light unit I used has the part number 8a6a-13k767-bb34x1 printed on the side. The light is plug and play but to get the submarine lights working, one wire needs to be added, connected to the dash illumination circuit.



Now everything can be re-assembled and tested.

A scotchlok could be used instead of a T-Tap at your own risk. Personally I think they are the work of the devil and are responsible for many electrical problems and have even been known to cause vehicle fires. The T-Tap provides a much more secure connection and can be easily disconnected when no longer needed.

Another product I highly recommend is a Posi-tap but these are harder to find in the UK.

When all done, the submarine lights should come on when your lights are switched on and should look something like this:


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It is a little tricky, but once you find it, the light will release easily from the surround.

If the light seems wedged half in, half out give the other side a bit of a pry with the screwdriver too.

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Can anyone help me to find this interior light unit from ebay or some other website. I want to use this guide and do the mod but I'm struggling to find it. Reading from another forum (http://www.fordfiestast.co.uk/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=290478&page=0&fpart=all&vc=1) I'm starting to understand that more than one Ford model use interior lights that fit the same frame (don't know how to word this).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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This is more than I anticipated. Very hefty price tag just for a interior light.

By the way, how do you know that this fits Fiesta? Does anyone know all or some of the Ford models that share the same style interior light that would fit to fiesta and have ambient lights. Before forking out these £80 I do want at least try to find bit more affordable option. I wouldn't mind buying a second hand one. Maybe I can use findapart services or something like that or keep hunting on ebay.


Was yours also Ford Galaxy's interior light, how did you know what to look for?

Thanks for the feedback so far. As I'm very new into modding I do appreciate any help that I can get.

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Fiestas are 10 a penny in scrapyards now, just contact some in your area and ask if they have any Zetec or Titanium trims in (chrome beltline under windows) and ask them for the interior light.

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