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No Power To The After Market Head Unit

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Hi all, I have bought a BEAT 675, from a forum member, but I am having a bit of trouble. I cannot get it to power on, I have tried all fuses and checked everything was plugged in correctly. Can anyone help?

Car it is going in is a 2008 MK4 Mondeo.

Thanks for looking.

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I sent you a PM there mate cos I just saw ur msg...bit stumped myself. It all worked fine in my Focus and I was sure the same quadlock adaptor loom would work in the Mondeo, no? Can anybody verify yes or no?

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well, an update to this, I paid an auto electrician to find the fault, it happened to be a crack in the connection on the power board connected to the head unit. After fixing it the unit powered up, the guy also checked the wiring and made the harness I had work.

HOWEVER, now there is no sound to the unit and we both miffed, there is sound to the Ford unit as I plugged that in to double check. Any advice? has anyone come across this problem before, I have one solution, the head unit is goosed.

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The unit was bought from me and I'm gutted at this. It was working fine before I removed it and before I sent it. Only thing I can think of is that it has been damaged in transit, but Jason can verify that it was well packaged and covered in 'Fragile' stickers. I paid extra through Parcel Force to cover up to £100 but seems this was a waste of time as they say on their website that fragile car parts are excluded. Now I'm gonna be out of pocket on a refund and in possession of a fubar'd headunit it was seem.

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Right, I'm a bit baffled as to how that fault would have come about but not much can be done now. Did you have to take the unit apart to get at it and is it all back together again as when you received it? I can't make much out from the pic but am guessing it just needed a bit of solder.

I've just been speaking to a learned forum member and he has advised me that the wiring is different between your Mondeo and my Focus, despite them having the same quad-lock connector and despite the listing from where I bought it stating that it was suitable for Focus >05 and Mondeo >03, hence why, as far as I knew, it would work for you.

Would your auto-electrician not have the correct Mondeo adapter loom to test it? Can you tell me what adjustments were made to the adapter and if it can be reverted back to the way it was, as I'll need it to test the unit once I get it back?

Am worried now too that it was the lead all along and if the right one had been used, then no soldering may have been needed. Have you any other pics of the complete fuseboard maybe, just so I know what part was fixed?

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Here is a pic of what the board is in, it is easy to pop open as it has replaceable fuses inside. These have both been checked. However the power is now on but there is no sound like I said in the previous post. We tried wiring loom CTSFO003 which provides an ignition and stalk controls and had the same problem, if anyone is local that doesn't mind plugging in this head unit into their car to try it then I will be happy too just to double check it is not my car.


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