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New Member - General & Specific Cmax Advice Please.


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I am looking at 2004/ 2005 CMax 1.6 TDCIs (I would like a 2.0 TDCI but can't justify insurance increase).

May I pick your collective brains for advice on general & specific issues?

General Issues to look out for I have gleaned from here and other sites;

(Please comment or add some more)

  1. DPF issues (how using ETIS can you determine if the car is DPF or not? Am I right in thinking EU4 1. TDCI engines have DPFs? So 2000 EEC (EEC 7) 1.6 TDCIs are non DPF?)
  2. Leaking boot seals at bottom of boot door
  3. Leaking bulkhead (wet passenger or driver footwells)
  4. Avoid EPB cars
  5. Air con problems
  6. Eats tyres and brakes (possible driving style and tyre brand issues)
  7. Dodgy fuel econ on TDCI pre 2005, possible updates to ECU can improve.
  8. CVT / Powershift failure
  9. Flat battery issue

Issues on a dealer car I looked at (2005 1.6 TDCI Zetec for £4k with 70k on clock

1. ABS light is lit on the dashboard, its claimed as a result of an alternator replacement causing sensor failure. The dealer claims the sensor will be replaced.

Is this likely or something to worry about?

2. Dashboard instrument panel plastic window was cracked at the bottom and covered up with black electrical tape which was not good. Not sure why that would be cracked other than instrument panel repair being bodged.

Any ideas why this would be cracked? Is the plastic window replacable or is it the whole instrument panel replacement?

3. Engine bay looked steam cleaned.

Something to worry about as possibly hiding a leak or just because it looks better?

4. Black plastic engine cover from the engine bay was missing which is odd.

Is it aesthetic rather than functional?

5. One of the alloy wheels had part of lacquer missing which is to be expected in a 8 year old car. I was surprised the alloys were not kerbed.

6. Seats need a deep shampoo and clean as sandy dust grime on them

7. When I lifted the seats rear seats (checking comfort system & tip n tumble) there was dog hair and sandy grit underneath indicated the garage need better valets.

I was prepared to pay a premium to buy from a dealer chain rather than private or non dealer chain as I thought the cars are of a better standard and you can throw the car back at them if there are problems in the 1st 3-6 months. But this experience has made me seriously doubt the standard of the cars as it makes a mockery of the supposed multi-point checks!

Thanks for any help in advance!


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