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2005 Cmax Audio/bluetooth System


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I'm new to this club.

Does anyone know how much it would cost to replace the ford 6000cd system in our 2005 Cmax Ztec?

We pick our car up tomorrow and Im sure the bluetooth doesn't work properly, everything else about the car is great.

If it doesn't work I wanted to know how much to try and haggle off or how much I need to put aside to replace the unit.

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Guys, sorry to ressurect this threat, but i am interested to install bluetooth to a C-Max. It currently has the 6000CD.

I've read around and i've seen many available options.

1. Install the parrot bluetooth system and connect it to the stereo in order to mute the sound during calls.

2. Get the Bluetooth Voice Connectivity Module 8M5T-19G488.

3. Get the DAB unit. This one is quite expensive however, and does it fit the car properly?

I was thinking on doing the second option, however i assume this option requires special cables and possibly new controls (something like focus has?)

Which option do you think is the best?

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