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Removing Speedo For Changing Lights Colour


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Just wondering how do you get your speedo out in a mk6 fiesta zetec s... I've took all the trim pieces off down to just havin to do the final two screws on the speedo but it wouldn't pull out? Maybe I wasn't being harsh enough.

Any help is appreciated.

Cheers guys :D

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You cant just change the light colour you need to change the dial faces as its the illuminescent ink on the faces that give the colour of the illumination. To remove it you just take the 2 screws out and it just pulls out you need to remove the plug from the back of the unit which can be quite tricky though theres a small black clip on the plug that u need to lift to get the plug off.


Thats where I got my kit from. Posted a guide in the fiesta guide forum on how to do it. It is dead easy and looks brilliant

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