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Speedo Is Wrong

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For some reason the speedometer in my Focus seems to be wrong when I go above 20mph. I noticed it when I first used my sat nav and for some reason my speedo says I'm doing about 5mph faster than the sat nav. I'm assuming the sat nav is more accurate? Double checked it with a mate on the motorway in his clio and he said I was doing 65 when my speedo was saying 70.

Is there an easy way to maybe reset/recalibrate the speedo? It's not a major issue, and if anything it might help me avoid some nasty speed cameras, I'd just prefer it to be right.

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Car manufacturers always set Speedos above actual speed, easiest way to get the calibration accurate is whack on 18" rims instead of the standard 16".

We always allow you 10% on your speed anyway before you get tugged.

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