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Hi all. I'm new to this forum/club. I recently part ex'd an MG ZT Diesel, which I had for six years, for a 58 plate mk4 Mondeo 2.0lt diesel 140bhp model.

This is only the second diesel car I've owned so my experience is soley with the MG.

What I'd like from you is your experiences with MAF sensors, EGR valves ( what kind does my car have as I've read somwhere on here it may be electricly operated! ) and PCV vlaves on your similar spec mondeos.

I know MAF's are a common bind with diesels but what make is the original part? Has any body fitted an EGR bypass and does the engine in my mondeo have a PCV valve ( if so where is it located? )

I've only had my car short of a week and think it's a great car, much better that the ZT I had but with that car I learned about MAF's and EGR's and PCV's and am wondering just what are the similarities between the two models.

Looking forward to any replies. Thanks in advance.

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The mk4 diesels have an electronic EGR system which is fairly well integrated into the engine - phisically and electronically, as well as phisically removing it, tt would have to be electronically "deleted" as well - as far as i am aware no-one makes a bypass kit for this

it is possible to simply disconnect one of the electrical connections to the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve, this will disable the EGR valve/ prevent it opening, one owner has reported better low down torque, pick up and economy like this, but the EML (engine management light) came on - he preferred the light coming on to the loss of torque with the EGR/ connector connected (these engines can be a bit "gutless" at really low revs)

Some tuners/ remappers offer a remap, and electronic and phisical DPF (diesel particulate filter) delete/ removal along with the cat (catalytic converter) the DPF can go into a "regen" mode frequently

Im not sure about the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve, the mk3 diesels did not have one, only a breather on the top of the engine (head)

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