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Transit Stereo Cd6000 (2006 56)


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Hi all,

My uncle has not long bought a transit tipper on a 56 plate, and though the stereo headunit worked absolutely fine, the LCD Display never displayed anything - It always lit up but was just blank.

Anyway, his battery went flat, and was replaced eventually, and now we can't get the stereo code in.

Is there a lock process after so many attempts?

Is there a way around this without being able to see the display?

Can the Display be repaired?

Alternatively, i've been looking online and can obtain another CD6000 Stereo that looks the same for around £50, though what i've heard is that they can be model specific, ie Mondeo ones won't fit in the focus and so on?

Obviously its a late one on the Quadlock plug, just can't see what the difference is likely to be!

He just needs a radio, its a working vehicle and drives us mad!



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The mondeo radios are deeper and have an angled fascia so won't fit anything other than a mondeo.

The radios have ten chances to enter the code before they lock and after every attempt if you have entered a wrong code they will have a lock out time which delays the entry of the next attempt incrementally longer each time until the tenth time and then you get a chance for the dealers to enter one attempt before it becomes a paperweight.

Without being able to read the screen it is possible as long as you get it right first time. But you will still then have problems setting it up properly and using it on a daily basis.

I think your best option is to get a replacement one online.

Ford will charge about £400 for a replacement so eBay may well be your friend on this one.

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Okay so only the mondeo ones vary to the Transit, fiesta focus etc etc?

Are the codes generated using the same old type code generator too? I see the serial number is still the same format?

Anyway, i think ebay will be my friend in this instance.

Thanks for your help


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I think you'll find that the radio you have will have a V serial number which is not able to be gained from code generating software.

I have computer and phone based M code generators that work a treat but V codes are either a dealer database thing or someone via the web who probably has sneaky access to a database.

There are some half decent radios on eBay, just make sure you get the code with it and that it is definitely not a mondeo one. :)

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It definitely has an M serial number on the top, but irrelevant really as the thing is most likely locked as well as being broken, eBay it will be I think tbh.

Thanks for your help though mate

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