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Car Will Not Idle And Cuts Out

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My girlfirends car will only stay on if I place my foot on the accelerator, the moment I take my foot off the pedal it cuts out. So I've had a look around and noticed a perferated pipe leading off the mainfold which I have now replaced, which has improved things but car still wants to cut out when coming to a stop. I've replaced and the throttle body and the tmap sensor from my other fiesta mk6 which did not resolve. I've swapped spark plugs and coild pack to no avail. I've removed the battery connector hoping it will reset the ecu but still the problem is there. I even put all the parts from her car on my mine which I thought were at fault but they work fine on my car. I've had a look at several forums and every one sais the ICV, but mines a 16v mk6 so it doe's not have a icv as its part of the throttle body which I've already replaced,

Any other ideas what it can be?

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