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Coolant Leak Help!

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Ford Fiesta Ztec Climate 05

I had a problem with my fiesta, the warning temp light came on. I checked under the car and saw the coolant leaking all over the floor!

I had the AA come and take a look for me and recover the car, he said its not:

Head Gasket


Or any hoses

In the middle of the engine bay there is like a plastic box thing. Sort for vague detail I play and fix my car sometimes but i don't know what names of things are.

He poured water into the coolant section, and said it was coming from underneath there, he said there's some kind of plastic clips that could have broken. But said if I remove that I should see where it's leaking,

Does anyone have any ideas what this is?

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No I remember the aa man saying that there was no pipes going Into the area that had the leak which is what he found most strange.

He said it appeared to be coming from

Within the engine

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I've been to the car taking things off to see if I can detect the area of the leak. It seems to be coming from the 'sump' or just on the top of the sump and leaking down.

But I've no idea what's in that area, does the sump contain water?

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