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No Ignition, Immobilisor Not Flashing


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Hi everyone, am new on here, my name is Paul and drive a 2005 Ka which until up to now has been faultless. However due to my own stupidity, has a problem of my own making that I cannot seem to be able to fix. I shall explain......

I had reason to jump start my daughters car from the Ka, but because I was not concentrating I crossed the jump leads!!! Yes I know I'm a clown but we all make mistakes! Anyway my daughters car ultimately had no problems and is now working fine, however the Ka, now has no ignition and I've notice that the immobiliser led is no longer flashing. When I turn the key, there are no ignition warning lights save for the amber EM light. The lights still work, as do the wipers and also the indicators. There is no power to the radio. Therefore unsure if I've cooked the battery?

I've obviously fried something, but am at a loss as to what it might be. Once you've stopped laughing at my incompetence i'm hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction?

Many thanks


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you may have fried the ecu module

i would first get the altinator & battery checked by an auto electrician or

call out the aa etc if your in a brakedown organization & they will be able

to tell you if batt or altinator has gone

sometimes it will ruin the ignition module

sounds like it's gonna be an expensive job to me

fingers x it wont be

keep us posted m8

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there is a small 3 amp fuse onto the fuse box to protect the pcmthe fuse sometimes pops and that can cause the battery light to come on.

you have to drop the fuse box down, there are 2 or 3 fuses ontop check the small 3 amp on as there is a good chance it's blown worth a try m8

keep us posted on progress

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