Ford Ka Battery Warning Light

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I have a KA 2003 Collection and have a problme with a battery warning light. I have changed the battery and have had the alternator, wires, connections etc checked but the light is still on. The garage said something about the ECO connectors but this is out of their remit!

Does this make sense to anyone?


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Like all batteries, a car's 12-volt battery would eventually go dead if it were not recharged, so your car has a built-in recharging system. Most cars have an alternator, along with a voltage regulator, that keeps the battery charged and also provides electricity to the vehicle when the engine is running. A typical alternator can put out between 500 and 1,000 watts when necessary.

Because your car is so dependent on the battery, all cars have a battery light on the dashboard that is designed to warn you if the recharging system fails. A simple circuit looks at the voltage that the alternator is producing, and turns the battery light on if it is low. The battery light indicates a battery charging problem. If the battery light comes on and stays on while you are driving, the most common cause is a broken alternator belt. Total failure of the alternator is another possibility.

do you mean the ecu unit if you do then you need a good auto electrician to have a look at it for you but sometimes the earth on the altinator or battery can caue the same problem. i would take to another garage and see what they say as i am sure they will take a look at it for you for nothing.

just because the battery is a new one does not mean it's any good as sometimes they fail so i would defo get it checked again

i dont think it's anything to do with the ecu myself

keep us posted m8

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